Interventions & Alternatives

The most common intervention for ADHD is unfortunately medication. There are many others alternatives to adhd medication without medication that have been proven effective, which I will list in this section. Interventions I have been most successful with from a discipline perspective include a program called Celebrate Calm by Kirk Martin and Love and Logic by Charles Fay, PhD, and Jim Fay, with help from Foster W. Cline, MD.  Researching alternative schools which specialize in programs for our children and then choosing a school that fits can be a very effective intervention.

The Feingold Program is excellent for exposing “dirty” ingredient lists and helping members look for chemical additives by navigating the constant barrage of products that are on the market. ¬†There are a number of other interventions listed in this section. Although I have tried to highlight the most popular ones, there are still plenty of interventions that are not listed in this section. If there are others that you have found effective, please post them in the Forum.

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