Healing ADHD Naturally

When I began to feel Spirit nudging me towards writing a book about healing ADHD symptoms in children, I shrugged it off. Although my children had made substantial progress and were becoming easier to parent day by day, by no means were they “healed”. I felt like I needed to wait for the perfect, “happy ending” before I would be qualified to write a book. I waited and waited, but my children refused to be perfect! I wrote the book anyway.

This weekend I realized how far my family and my children have really come. I agreed to house a 14 year old friend of my daughters, who was forced to evacuate due to hurricane Irma. Although no one told me she had ADHD, she talked constantly, picked up everything in the house to look at it, couldn’t sit still and was clumsy and knocked things over…among other things! She meant well, tried hard and was never hateful or mean, but by the end of two days I was utterly exhausted. It was obvious how far my children have come and how relaxed and sane our household really is compared to how it was many years ago.

I am more confident than ever that interventions for ADHD, such as discovering our kids food sensitivities and removing those foods from their diet, getting them the correct supplements and vitamins and removing toxins from their environment are the base building blocks to helping our children thrive at home, at school and in social situations.

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