Help – My Child Just Received an ADHD Diagnosis!

My head was spinning. I think I knew deep down that my child had ADHD, but I didn’t want to acknowledge it, because then it would make it real…and I knew nothing about ADHD or how to move forward!

play therapy activities for adhd

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Pediatricians try to help by prescribing medications based on their medical knowledge. Few pediatricians have knowledge of food sensitivities, discipline techniques, school situations, and other factors that can substantially alter or even eliminate ADHD behavior. Instead, they do the best they can to address the symptoms, by doing the only thing they are trained to do. They prescribe medications, such as Focalin, Adderall or Vyvanse, that mask ADHD and help families to live with the disorder while working through the side effects of these medications. I am not saying this is a bad approach, only that this is just one of many different approaches. Your pediatrician may suggest that this is the only viable treatment for ADHD, in which case I would say your doctor is incorrect. If he is too closed to even consider other options, a different pediatrician might be a good decision. Keep in mind that your doctor is only trying to cover up the symptoms, not cure them. Finding an ADHD alternative treatment that works for you and your child is what’s most important.

Consider someone who is not feeling well and doesn’t know where to turn. Let’s say they have chronic shoulder pain, but it could be a symptom related to hundreds of different conditions or injuries. If this person visits a medical doctor, that doctor will likely prescribe drugs, such as steroids. If this person visits a chiropractor, they will get back and neck adjustments. If they visit a sports medicine doctor, they will be sent for physical therapy. If they visit a psychologist, they will go to sessions to help reduce their anxiety and stress, which could be the cause of the underlying pain. None of these approaches are wrong. Each doctor believes they have the cure for your symptoms, but few of them will acknowledge that there may be other ways to cure your pain. Can you see how the same scenario plays out when your child gets an ADHD diagnosis?

Consider alternatives, such as the 8 week programs I have laid out in my new book, “Healing Our ADHD Children”. Check out other BLOGS on Good luck and may Spirit guide you through this challenging time!