Virtual Workshops or Books?

I am part of a writer’s group that gets together to discuss the books we have written or are in the process of writing. One of the members of our group commented that she had a 9 year old child who had ADHD and with brutal honesty she looked at me and said she wouldn’t read my book. Before I allowed myself to get defensive, I asked why and she elaborated on what she really wanted, which was a group of Mom’s with the same challenges she was facing that she could talk to. She didn’t want a Facebook group, or a book, or an online course, she wanted to actually talk to other Mom’s with ADHD kids.

As I considered this request I totally got it. When my child was first diagnosed with ADD, all I wanted was to find other Mom’s that I could talk to about my child’s behavior. Mom’s that have expressed interest in learning more about healing their children through diet and toxin removal can be geographically spread out, so I have put together a 10 week workshop through a technology called Zoom. This is similar to Skype, which will allow us to see each other on a computer screen and interact real time to ask and answer questions. I am so excited that I will also get to present my 8 week program from my book, Healing Our ADHD Children and also interact and answer questions from participants that are on the call.

If you are interested in a virtual workshop, check out\adhd-healing-workshop